Clinical Practice

Dr. Mike is a licensed clinical psychologist and has been working with people for over twenty five years on a range of issues, including depression, anxiety, eating disorders, couples and family distress, stress management, substance abuse and dependence, management of chronic physical disease, struggles with gender and sexual identity, and professional development.

Dr. Mike utilizes a range of clinical approaches to meet the specific needs of each person seeking treatment. For some people, the sessions feel more like a conversation, in which the person is not only sharing feelings and experiences, but has the opportunity to get thoughts and opinions from Dr. Mike. For other people, therapy focuses more on skill building.  While there are a range of skills that people hope to learn in order to treat specific conditions or to grow as a person, examples of therapeutic skills may include:

*Improving Sleep Hygiene

*Developing a healthy eating plan

*Developing a healthy and regular exercise plan

*Reducing substance abuse and/or improving medication management

*Identifying and engaging in enjoyable and productive activities

*Connecting with others, improving communication skills and growing social networks

*Identifying difficult emotions and causes for these emotions

*Identifying effective coping strategies to reduce negative emotions or maladaptive behaviors

*Developing a strong sense of purpose

Regardless of the modality of treatment, Dr. Mike tries to create an open, collaborative and constructive therapeutic environment where people can grow, develop and achieve their therapeutic goals. The process is collaborative; Dr. Mike knows the clinical science and you know you. Together you and he work on your issues until you get the results you want and feel better.

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